In the Factories we make cosmetics; in the stores we sell hope

Charles Revson, Founder Revlon Cosmetics

In the factory we make cosmetics. In the store we sell hope.

In the 1930’s the visionary bullish founder of Revlon cosmetics Charles Revson understood what many smart business people still fail to grasp nine decades later. And that is that businesses don’t sell products or services, they sell feelings and emotions.

Big Picture Marketing help businesses transform their brand into a magnet for their long term lovely customers.

We do this because long term lovely customers buy more & more often, cost less to service, refer more business and help keep staff moral and productivity high and ultimately make your business more profitable and protect your brand during turbulent times.

Long term lovely customers are different for every business, we help you identify, keep and attract your long term lovely customers

We do this by measuring how customers feel about your brand and their experience and emotion towards your brand.

We help businesses do this by tailoring the methodology used by 2/3 of Bloombergs Fortune 1000 companies specifically for SMEs. This allows us to measure and map the customers journey at every touch point, and provide strategic insights into who the businesses ideal customer is, what they love about your business, how to communicate to them, where complaints lie and what opportunities there are learning and improvement that may otherwise go unknown.