Mairead O’Leary Opticians

Mairead O’Leary Opticians are dedicated to continuous innovation, attention to detail and the best possible patient care, which has secured them as the favourite optometrists for families and celebrities alike in each of their retail outlet locations. (Independent research)

As experience counts, the staff remain up to date with the latest developments in optometry from their continuous professional development. Our friendly team of experts are always on hand to assist you and we will see you on-time. We always ensure that sufficient time is reserved so that you get a proper eye examination. Our No 1 value as part of our culture is that we empower our staff to make decisions in favour of the patient over the practice.

Our advanced eye care examinations were introduced 12 years ago and they include OCT (Optical coherence tomography) scans carried out by qualified optometrists, not technicians. We take care of the complex and advanced prescriptions that others shy away from. We look after the entire family, not just the easy cases.

The implementation of the marketing strategies has included a web redesign, online booking systems, customer communication programmes, 3-4 tactical sales campaigns per year, social media management, customer events, media campaigns, leveraging strategic partnerships, video ad projects (TV grade) and developing a successful brand ambassador relationship. Big Picture Marketing introduced marketing automation technology to ensure the best value was achieved from the marketing budget. A particular focus was put into a strategy to win back lapsed or dormant customers which accounted for a 3% increase in sales in year 1.

In the first year of working with Mairead O’Leary Opticians, when asked by an external management consultant what had made the biggest positive impact on the business, Mairead’s response was that the introduction of the NPS system that Big Picture Marketing had implemented had by far the biggest positive impact on the business.


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December 11, 2022